Technical Features

The company has the technical capability necessary for a complete technological process, endowed:

Raw materials warehouse

Technical Department:

Computerized grading and nesting patterns;

Cutting Department:

Weight cutting continuous web

Cutting machines with straight knife

Tape heat sealed machines

Manufacturing Department:

– Simple sewing machines with various automatic functions (wire cutter, curing, pressing foot lifting) and BROTHER DURKOPP ADLER

– Triplock machines, end triplock machines, stitch coverage machines, surjet machines ( YAMATO, BROTHER and RIMOLDI)

– Special sewing machines (needle transport into fabric, sewing and straightening 2 retractable needles, chain 2-wire, zigzag etc.) DURKOPP ADLER, BROTHER and JUKI

– Automatic welt pocket sewing station

– BROTHER automatic embroidery machine, mechanical embroidery machines

– Sleeve mounting machines DURKOPP ADLER

– Hidden sewing machine STROBEL, MAYER and BROTHER

– special sewing machines

– Electronic machines for sewing buttons, bar tacks, straight buttonholes, round head buttonhole

Finishing department:

-ironing tables and presses with suction and blowing;

-Steam blower model for shirts and blouses

Finished products warehouse

The company wants above all to offer quality to its customers and therefore constantly invests in machinery and equipments of prestigious brands in textiles.