HH TEXTILE is a company with a tradition of over 20 years in manufacturing garments for women and children and high quality sports equipment , the experience and professionalism of our team being materialized in long-term partnerships with important foreign clients .

The main activity is represented by the production in LOHN (CMT) system but we can also offer integrated services for the production of a collection (design, digitizing, grading, construction), with the possibility of purchasing materials (imported from Italy, France, Turkey).

Our main strong points are:

– Highly skilled staff

– Modern equipment

– Rapid response to customer requests

– High level of quality in execution

-flexibility and adaptability of the technology to customer requirements

– Long-lasting experience with demanding customers

-production activity in an area with historical tradition in textile industry

HH TEXTILE has its business headquarters in Bucharest in order to ensure continuous and easy communication with customers, and management and production departments in the city of Pascani, Iasi County. The company currently has 150 employees but the hiring process is a continuous one due to new contracts production increase.